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2020 Executive Officers

  • President-----------------------------------James R. Albert, LtCol, USAF (retired)
  • 1st Vice-President/Outreach----------A. Truman Parmele, Col, USAF (retired)
  • 2nd Vice-President/Membership-----Margaret A. DeVivo (surviving spouse)
  • Secretary-----------------------------------David A. Townsend, CAPT, USN (retired)
  • Treasurer-----------------------------------S. Anthony Prince, CAPT, USN (retired)
  • Immediate Past-President-------------Randy A. Dymond, LTC, USAR (retired)


2020 Directors:

  • Chaplain/Personal Affairs--------------Greg W. Hill, COL/Ch, USA (retired)
  • Hospitality/Surviving Spouses--------Melody A. Wages, LCDR, USN (retired)
  • Military Appreciation/Chamber-------Gerald C. Terwilliger, Jr., MAJ, USA/SCSG
  • JROTC--------------------------------------Carradean L. Brown, CAPT, USN (retired)
  • ROTC---------------------------------------Gregory B. Youngman, CPT, USA (former)
  • Scholarships-------------------------------Hans Duerr, COL, USA (retired)
  • Newsletter----------------------------------Kelly M. Sharbel, CPT, USA (former)
  • Legislative Affairs-------------------------Jimmy O. Jacobs, COL, USA (retired)
  • Public Affairs-------------------------------Roger P. Pilcher, LtCol, USMC (retired)
  • Fundraising/Memorial-------------------Michael S. Davison, Jr., LTG, USA (retired)
  • Career Advancement/Transition------H. William Stewart, LTC, USA (retired)
  • At Large-------------------------------------Rufus T. Manning, Col, USAF (retired)

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